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WYHIWYG. A live theatre-radioplay, which entertains and, through its acoustic conception, sharpens the senses. An experience for both seeing people and people with visual impairments.

WYHIWYG doesn’t however forego visuals; all props are nonetheless acoustically projected in space.

WYHIWYG is a 75 min piece - performed in English or German, according to the location of the performance.
WYHIWYG will visit various European cities.

WYHIWYG is a German-British co-production, produced by [plasmagroup®](new page),with financial support from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

performed by:
Henry Sargeant, GB
Guido Meyer, D
and special guest WYHIWYG

sound design:
Alan Boorman, GB
Nadir Al-Badri, D

costumes (yes, there are are some)
Anja Richter, D

Kiki Kreylos, D

supervision and assistance by:
Tom Groll, D
Oliver Iserloh, D

Richard Sothcott, GB
Nadir Al-Badri
Kirsten Kreylos

written and directed by:
Nadir Al-Badri

Bobby WorldWide Approved AAA